Every month, State Cleaning sends a Quality Assurance Representative to check up on the performance of our staff.  Totally autonomous from the operations, our QAR not only inspects all tenant spaces, but also is available to discuss any specific concerns  or conduct a walk through with the tenant.

Common areas, restrooms, custodial closets and more are assessed, as well as any specific contractual needs of our client.  With attention to detail and a keen eye, our QAR gives us an objective look at the quality of our service staff.


After each inspection, the data we gather is evaluated on a numerical scale.  Each item is weighted as a percentage according to the specific requirements of the building's cleaning needs as a whole.  Then the building is given a numerical score of up to 100% quality.

This score is made available along with a report to the client, allowing the tenant to see how well we are doing and where improvements can be made.  Always trying to improve our inspection score, this system allows us to chart and maintain progress throughout the term of the contract.


Five days after we complete our monthly inspection, we forward the summary of our observations to the client, as well as a follow-up survey.  It's our goal to keep communication thorough and relevant the best possible service.  

The follow-up survey shows what improvements have been made, and reflects the adjusted score for the property.  Likewise, it allows our clients to always see in real-time how our service is driven by details and thoroughness.